Who We Are

Atlas is the place to find the solutions to your car problems.
It is the place to find the right technology, as well as the skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced technicians you need to work on your car.
It is a place you can feel comfortable coming to because you know we will solve your problem and we’ll be honest in the process.

Meet The Team

We believe in hiring the best technicians. We hire for skill and character and we expect their character to be better than their skill. Below is a list of the finest technicians and staff in Tyler, Tx.

Steve Wallace - Owner and All Around Bad Ass

Steve Wallace

Owner, Father

Terry - Master Mechanic


Master Mechanic, Master Friend



Front Desk and Mechanic Wrangler

Kyser Shoot 11-9 (59 of 68).jpg


He could even make the government run smooth