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Wheel Alignments Done Right

Maintaining proper wheel alignment is a simple way to extend the life of your tires and keep your car handling like new. Sometimes, there are obvious signs that your alignment is off, but often the problem can be so subtle the driver may not even be aware there is an issue. For this reason, alignment should be checked at least every other oil change to prevent uneven tire wear, reduced fuel efficiency, and handling issues.

Wheel Alignment Services We Provide

Lifetime Alignment Guarantee

If your vehicle fails the alignment inspection, we’ll carefully adjust the camber, caster and toe-angles according to manufacturer specifications. Afterward, we’ll provide you with a print out showing that your vehicle alignment has been corrected. We’re so confident in our alignment technology, we offer a lifetime guarantee on our service. That means Atlas Automotive will realign your vehicle whenever it’s needed...for free!

Alignment Inspection:

We begin by placing your vehicle on an alignment rack and applying sensors to each of the wheels. Then, using state of the art technology, we analyze your vehicle alignment and give you simple pass or fail results quickly and efficiently.  No opinions, no bull, just facts. 

Friends and Family Beta 1.0

It’s nice to have a friend in the business! For a small annual fee, our Friends and Family program gives you access to perks like loaner cars, free oil changes and more. Ask your service writer for more information.

Our Promise to You

We run a fair shop and we only employ true, professional mechanics. Service to our customers and community is our first priority. We want you to feel comfortable that the repairs we make are necessary, performed properly and priced fairly.

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