We are a team of professionals dedicated to serving YOU. We have the skills, tools, and experience needed to solve your automotive problems. Our honest, upfront communication and growing list of amenities make the process simple, straightforward and as pleasant as possible.


Texas summers are hot. The inside of your car shouldn’t be. Let the AC professionals at Atlas Auto get you fixed up and feeling cooler than ever. We’ll even give you a frosty beer while you wait. Now that’s service.


Tired of “sales pitches” every oil change? Our job is to help you maintain and repair your vehicle. Not sell you. Allow one of our skilled technicians to maintain your vehicle and inspect it regularly to help prevent problems. Our waiting room and amenities make it painless and comfortable.


We are just one small business in Tyler working to keep our community moving. See how by doing our job we can help you do yours.


The most important step in solving any problem is accurately diagnosing the cause.
Whether your problem is big or small, we have the technology, knowledge, skill and experience needed to accurately diagnose what's wrong with your vehicle.

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